About Us


Saints of June knows that today as a woman, we wear about 1,000 different hats. Whether you are a working mom balancing life or a freelancing young woman navigating her career or even a young lady getting her education that a lot of times the one thing we love but often falls to the waste side is…ourselves. So we decided to take back loving what we wear-even if you slept in it. We began as an idea to enable CEO & mom of 3 Kate Ward to roll out of bed and into the carpool line in something more fashionable than her pajamas. Our pieces allow you to look cool and collected while maybe getting an extra 20 minutes of sleep instead of finding clothing in the morning. We had YOU in mind when creating Saints of June. We wanted to take back feeling good. Pajama day doesn't have to be a cross between that old college t shirt and the nightie from your first anniversary. We decided that there was a middle ground. So go ahead-roll out of bed and hit the ground running-we have got you covered.